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"tl;dr" is a #petpeeve. If writing is long & good the length is necessary to understand it. Eloquence doesn’t imply brevity & vice versa. ~@MicahHerstand, on Twitterwriter icon

Micah is a writer

An introspective philosopher, Micah writes prose, poetry, and lyrics, melding fiction with non-fiction to provoke novel insights in himself and his readers. Whether blogging on Medium, exploring language on Twitter, or publishing songs on SoundCloud, Micah enjoys words—their constraints and connections, presence and purpose, familiarity and fashion. A former newspaper editor-in-chief and layout designer, Micah has an eye for details, an ear for novelty, and more metaphorical body parts than he can name. His favorite book on writing is The Art of Plain Talk, by Rudolf Flesch; written almost 70 years ago its advice and voice are as relevant and contemporary as if it were written today. In all his writing—including award-winning speeches and research, engineering white papers and help pages, website and advertising copy, newspaper and newsletter articles…—Micah balances clarity with curiosity to explore not only the topic of interest but the means of communication. Micah’s favorite college course that he “never took” is Daniel Coffeen’s Rhetoric 10 from UC Berkeley. Coffeen’s lectures on iTunes U gave Micah insight into language and communication that he reflects on every single day.