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Micah is a musician

A self-taught pianist, Micah has been writing music for the piano for 10 years, but only seriously started writing in 2011 when a breakup inspired him to add lyrics where he had only ever had chords and melodies. His influences range from modern Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, to pop stars like Sara Bareilles and Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim. Micah’s musical theatre background ensures his music not only expresses emotions, but works them out as well: his songs often end in a different place than where they began. As an allusion to his background in programming, Micah named his musical project <noscript> (a tool for displaying a website’s fundamentals, stripped of its bells and whistles). Micah’s music frames relatable emotional experiences with a rare eloquence and soul. In addition to his songs on love and heartache, he has begun writing protest songs in the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Micah’s musical background includes being an alumni of the Mosaic Whispers a cappella group, which famously sang on Ben Folds’ University A Cappella album, as well as playing Tenor Sax in high school band, and noodling on the guitar when there’s no piano around.