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Hey @wustl your duty is to students first, business second. Cease-and-desist for those trying to help is bad form. http://www.studlife.com/… #UI #UX ~@MicahHerstand, on Twitteradvocate icon

Micah is an advocate

An empathic communicator and engaging public speaker, Micah is a fearless advocate for users and the Web. His state championship in demonstration speaking, internationally award-winning research in Human-Computer Interaction, and invited vocal performances for a multi-billion-dollar non-profit fundraising campaign are a testament to his talent in earnest persuasion. While he has volunteered for political and social justice campaigns, his calling is in user advocacy. After reading Donald Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things in his university Human-Computer Interaction class, in which he earned an A, Micah became inspired to design, develop, and advocate for a human-centered world. His tweets on user experience have been quoted in David Pogue’s New York Times column and have garnered him a following of over 1000 people from around the globe. But whether he is tweeting out his UX philosophy, speaking at a user experience conference in St. Louis, or simply advocating for users at a company stand-up meeting, Micah finds the challenge invigorating and rewarding. Micah also feels strongly about gender equality in STEM and has researched and promoted women in engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.