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Cool, Gmail now uses #HTML5’s protocol handler (https://developer.mozilla.org/…) to ask to be your default "mailto:" handler. ~@MicahHerstand, on Twitterengineer icon

Micah is an engineer

A proactive developer and researcher, Micah is always looking for his next challenge. Whether publishing research with the world’s largest Semantic Web research institute, developing a real-time commenting system for a Fortune 20 company’s executive livestream, or founding his own award-winning company for combining social, local, and mobile connections, Micah seeks to make an impact with his work. His varied experience has given him an appreciation for and proficiency in a range of disciplines—from ontological knowledge mapping with OWL, to functional programming with Scala, to RESTful API development in PHP—but Micah most enjoys developing interactive Web interfaces based on human-centered design principles in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. He adds SASS and Require.js for larger projects to keep his code as DRY and extensible as possible. Having read and workshopped JavaScript: The Good Parts while working at Amazon, Micah writes clean and modular JS with an aim for beauty and elegance.